Norm ISO 5807 :

General treatment ( $ 9.2.1 )

Any part of treatment: execution of an action, of a sequence (group of actions) to modify the value or the shape or the position of information.

Predetermined treatment ( $ )

Subroutine call.

Manual action ( $ )

Treatment executed by a human operator: action on a button, for example.

Preparation ( $ )

Action to prepare an ulterior activity, for example the pins configuration (input/ouput), the modification of an index register or the routine initialization.

Decision   ( $ )

Function type selection or decision wich includes only one input and two possible outputs. It can be activated (YES output) after the assessment of a conditional expression defined in the symbol.


Loop limits   and   ( $ )

Symbol in two parts representing the beginning and the end of an iteration (loop).

The two parts of the symbol have a common identifier.

Conditions of initialization, incrementation and completion, etc., are in the beginning symbol.


Beginning / End of process      ( $ 9.4.2 )

Output toward the outside, input from the outside, for example the beginning or the end of a program, a subroutine or an external use : the origin or the destination of data.


Annotation  ( $ 9.4.3 )

Addition, for clarification, of descriptive commentaries or explanatory notes.

Lines of text are joined to the symbol concerned by an interrupted feature.